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Generating the right kind of leads for B2B.


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Betsy Hindman is a B2B digital marketer living and working in Nashville. 

Betsy is valued for her expertise in building awareness, delivering leads and growing revenue for B2B companies.  She helps clients leverage their earned and owned assets in digital media communications using a multi-channel approach, with emphasis on highly targeted paid social.  She uses cutting edge technology and in-depth market research to personalize and contextualize communications targeting a business’ key decision makers. Betsy can demonstrate strong, measurable results in recently conducted campaigns for clients in the advertising, media, CPG and healthcare industries. She is the founder of Hindman Co., a digital B2B consulting and marketing firm.

Prior to forming Hindman Co., Betsy was in enterprise sales with the Walt Disney Company managing over $180M in revenue, and VP of Paid Media and Content Marketing at Raven Public Relations.

Betsy is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.



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Email: betsy@hindmancompany.com

Find Betsy on Twitter sharing lightbulb moments related to B2B sales and marketing trends as well as a bit of Vandy sports, which builds character.

Work history, references and writing samples are on LinkedIn.